Survey Results on the Usage of ELNs in the Max Planck Society 2021

The results from the ELN-survey are now available only. The document is online via MPG.PuRe (limited to MPG IP range). The chart data are available via the Edmond repository. The document describes the design, execution and results of the “Survey on the Usage of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in the Max Planck Society 2021”.

The survey was announced in February 2021 via different MPG internal email lists. It was accessible until 31st March 2021. It was limited to MPG employees. The survey had 19 questions. This included 15 multiple-choice questions and four free text questions.

The results of the survey will also be presented at the workshop about “Living with Electronic Laboratory Notebooks” 20th and 21st September 2021.

Key Findings

Seven key findings can be derived from the survey:

  1. A smooth integration of basic data analysis and laboratory work must be possible with an ELN system.
  2. A Standard Operating Procedure for ELN handling is helpful for the concrete application at the institutes.
  3. The compatibility to and with other software solutions is a central component of scientific work with an ELN.
  4. Aspects of open data and the FAIR principles should be considered from the beginning of the ELN usage.
  5. The need for staff and IT support for local ELN usage should not be underestimated.
  6. There is a need within the Max Planck Society for an ELN community and an exchange on ELN topics.
  7. There are still some legal uncertainties in the operation of ELN systems.

Survey Participants

The data are also available via the Edmond repository.

The data are also available via the Edmond repository.