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Since the introduction of the basic software supply ((Please be aware, that the website of the Software Licensing Team is limited to the MPG IP range. Therefore, you can only access it either from your institute or via a VPN client.)), MPG-wide contracts for tools have beeen concluded that can also be used to generate, analyze or prepare research data – such as GitHub, LabVIEW, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, Prism, Origin, SigmaPlot and SPSS. If you want to use any of these, please contact your IT department, the Software Licensing Officer of your institute or the Software Licensing Team of the MPDL.

There are, of course, also open source software solutions for data acquisition, calculation and analysis – of which some are mentioned as ‘alternatives’ in the overview list. If you do not find what you need, you can create a proposal for the application in demand (altogether with your software licensing officer) – to suggest it‘s inclusion in the MPG’s basic software supply. It is also possible to create a proposal for support and maintenance contracts (e.g. for open source software). The portfolio of the basic software supply is constantly growing – by giving the current-contract-page a quick check you can provide yourself with an always up-to-date overview.

Additionally, the basic software supply is supported by the software advisory commission, which also accepts applications for funding of open source software development projects. Currently, the further development of applications EPICS (alternative to LabView) and CaosDB (Research Data Repository) is supported. New applications are always welcome. Just send the application documents (details on the submission process can be found here) to the Software Licensing Team of the MPDL.

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