Labfolder is an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solution to record, integrate and manage experimental research data. With the Labfolder ELN software researchers can handle the scientific documentation effortlessly with a lot of support for compliance with academic standards.  

For Max Planck researchers, there are two usage scenarios: (1) Labfolder can be set up as an in-house service at the respective institute. The emerging data will be stored in locally operated server environments. (2) All Max Planck researchers (as well as their collaboration partners) can use the central MPG Labfolder installation, which is operated and supported by the MPDL with emerging data stored at the computer center GWDG in Göttingen, Germany.

Get more information about Labfolder at the Max Planck Society and the MPG Community Portal as well as their Labfolder Guide to RDM. And stay updated via the MPG-internal email list labfolder-info.

Get in touch with the MPDL Labfolder team.

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