Slides of the Workshop “Digital Publications in the Humanities” are Online

After the workshop “Digital Publications in the Humanities” on 2nd November 2021 successfully taking place, the slides for the individual presentations are now also available online (limited to MPG-IP-Range):

Elisa Bastianello and Tristan Weddigen (both Bibliotheca Hertziana): Digital Publishing Infrastructures @ BHMPI

Carsten Borchert and Frederik Eichler (both SciFlow): Collaboration in Publishing Workflows with SciFlow

Wolfgang Meier (TEI Publisher): TEI Publisher – The Standard-based Toolbox for Digital Editions

Christoph Sander (Bibliotheca Hertziana): Text, Images, Marginalia. How Could Multimodal Digital Publishing Look Like?

Esther Chen (MPIWG): Publication Platform Edition Open Access

Lindy Divarci (MPIWG): Negotiating Open Access Contracts for Monographs with Publishers from an Institute Perspective

Urte Brauckmann (MPIWG): Image Rights for Open Access

Shih-Pei Chen, Sean Wang, Dagmar Schaefer (MPIWG): Digital Concordance: A New Publication Format for Scholarly-curated Datasets in the Humanities

Stefanie Andergassen (MPDL): DOI Service

Andreas Wagner (MPI LHLT): Executable Publications: Electronic Notebooks and (Humanities) Publishing Infrastructures