RDM in New Position Paper by the Max Planck Society for Science Policy after the 2021 Federal Elections

The Max Planck Society recently uploaded a German position paper defining “Six Goals for Science policy after the Federal Elections” in fall 2021.((The pdf file is available via https://www.mpg.de/16890037/mpg-positionspapier-wissenschaftspolitik.pdf. There is no publication date or even an identifier. An English version is – not yet – available.)) The document postulates a “time of change” and sees a central role for science in overcoming the pandemic time.

From the perspective of the Max Planck Society, six goals are crucial for the German government in the upcoming legislative period:

  1. Substantially fund research
  2. Increase agility
  3. Adapt the research system architecture in a targeted manner
  4. Expand Max Planck Schools as networks of excellence
  5. Advanceing digitalisation
  6. Secureing freedom for science

RDM in the Context of Digitalisation

The aspect of research data management is mentioned under position 5 “Advancing digitalisation”:

“The focus of science policy should be on establishing digital sovereignty, establishing research data management, expanding digital infrastructures and strengthening open access publication models.”((Please not that this is not a authorised translation. The German original phrase is: “Die wissenschaftspolitischen Schwerpunkte sollten auf der Herstellung digitaler Souveränität, der Etablierung des Forschungsdatenmanagements, dem Ausbau digitaler Infrastrukturen und der Stärkung von Open-Access-Publikationsmodellen liegen”, p. 2 down.))

This description quite vividly reflects the many stages the RDM is in the different institutions by the Max Planck Society. Likewise interesting is the position of RDM; namely between digital sovereignty and infrastructure. It remains to be observed how this field will develop in the future.