Addition Funding for Data Reuse by the Volkswagenstiftung

The importance of Open Data and the potential for data re-use is growing. This is more and more reflected in the funding decisions of funding organisations. Since spring 2022, the Volkswagen Foundation is funding the preparation and storage of research data.

The aim of this funding line is to enable the long-term availability of research data. At the same time, the data quality is to be raised to a standard so that the subsequent usability of the data will be possible without any problems. This funding is limited to projects that are currently running at the Volkswagen Foundation or have recently been completed. If you would like to know whether your Max Planck Institute has currently been awarded funding or whether it has been awarded funding in the recent past, we recommend that you search the Volkswagen Foundation’s funding portal.

This new support in the area of Open Data is in the context of the Volkswagen Foundation’s Open Science Policy, which was adopted at the end of 2021. This policy addresses various topics in the context of Open Science. Through this new call for proposals, the Foundation Council aims to ensure that the dynamic transformation process of data-intensive research. This is of particular interest in light of the fact that the Volkswagen Foundation is one of the largest non-profit, private foundations for science in Germany.

If you have specific questions about funding, please contact the Volkswagen Foundation directly. If we can advise and support you as an MPG scientist in the context of research data management, please feel free to contact our RDM Support.