RDM Onboarding Course for the Chemistry, Physics & Technology Section – 3rd April 2024

Event Details

Date: 3rd April 2024, 09:00 – 16:30 CEST
Venue: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Seminar room in the ground floor, Mainz and via Zoom
Target Audience: Max Planck early career researcher
Participation: Free of charge, but limited to the Max Planck Society only
Language: English
Program: Online as .pdf file
Slides: will follow soon
Travel Pad: https://pad.gwdg.de/s/cMm_cYE0S#,
Organisator: Michael Franke and David Walter (both Max Planck Digital Library), Susanne Benner and Martina Peißker (both Max Planck Institute for Chemistry).
Contact: rdm [at] mpdl [dot] mpg [dot] de


    Please note, the event will be recorded on site and shared with the remote participants via Zoom.